New Charge Handling Procedures from the EEOC


EEOC has implemented new office procedures for submission and release of position statements:

  1. They are asking that employers provide relevant evidence and information supporting the employer’s position in attachments;
  2. They are asking that confidential information, such as personally identifiable information, sensitive medical information, or confidential financial information is segregated in attachments;
  3. They ask that employers use the digital charge system to upload position statements and attachments within thirty (30) days of receiving the charge. The mediation option, if offered, can also be chosen using the digital system. The representative’s name can also be provided to the EEOC through the digital system;
  4. It appears that the EEOC will provide the position statement and non-confidential attachments to the charging parties request the information; and
  5. The charging party’s response will not be shared with the employer.

See the EEOC website for additional details.  For help with employment law questions or other civil litigation issues, call Tracy Stroud, Attorney with Colombo Kitchin Attorneys in Greenville, NC, at 252-321-2020.